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About Us
Historical and General Information

The St. Croix Valley Corvette Association (SCVCA) was originally formed by a small group of Corvette enthusiasts in 1973. The original members all lived in the "valley" area around Stillwater, MN and shared an interest in promoting and displaying their love for the unique Corvette automobile.

In the beginning these young men simply drove their Corvettes to a meeting place in the valley area to show off their Corvettes. The old logging "Boomsite" area north of Stillwater was the initial meeting place. The first president was Jerry O'Shea and the meetings were moved to the Stillwater VFW Club. The VFW was the clubs-meeting place for some 20 years.

Today the meetings for the StCVCA are held on the third Tuesday of each month (except December) at 7:00pm at Stillwater Motors, which is located at Hwy 36 and Co Rd 5. The SCVCA welcome any inquires from interested Corvette owners and invites them to attend any of our meetings or events as a guest. This Association is non-sectarian, non-partisan, and non-profit, and is not limited to any specific area. The general purpose of the Association shall be for the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of America's only true sports car, and to further the traditional and competitive aspect of Corvette ownership through club and social activities.

The average size of the SCVCA has been around 70-80 members. The SCVCA has taken pride over the years in being a "family oriented" club, while also providing interesting events for the adult members. Road tours followed by lunches are a very popular outing for the SCVCA members and their Corvettes. Such events are, attending Corvette swap meets and shows, and the Fall Color Run. Every year the SCVCA members participate in the GMCCA car show and swap meet at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in June. In August we host a Corvette show at Stillwater Motors, our club sponsor.

The StCVCA takes pride in giving back the community by donating money to charitable organizations such as food shelf programs, Make-a-Wish Foundation and others.

To obtain more specific information about the SCVCA please contact one of the club Board members or write us at:

3663 Gershwin Lane
Oakdale, MN 55125

You may just show up for our meeting and check us out, on the third Tuesday of the month (except December) at 6:45 PM at Stillwater Motors at Hwy 36 and Co Rd 5. Hope to see you soon.